Thursday, April 14, 2011

ADIO shirt becomes a tattoo!

Check THIS OUT! Back in December 2008, Canadian Jason Craik emailed me asking if he could get a tattoo based on the tee shirt artwork I did for ADIO earlier that year. I said sure, with the ADIO branding removed of course, and it has taken him that long to pluck up the nerve, and funds, to get it done by his favorite tattoo artist at Liquid Amber Tattoo.
Again I have to thank the members of staff at Neogine Design, Source Recruitment and the New Zealand Vets Association who modeled for me. If you look closesly, you'll see me in the zombie second from right.


Craig Phillips said...

WoW! Insane! Must be weird to see it on a real arm!

Rob Gould said...

Epic! Thank god he didn't have the ADIO tattooed in there as well.