Friday, February 25, 2011

I've been asked to be in another Tee Shirt Book (this one being the first). Here's some shots I took today. So glad Clavin at Woolworths finally came around, and even got into it when I asked him if we could 'meat wrap' the sheep's head shirt. Stay tuned for more when the book is out.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Revisiting the cards I did with the Black Rock Collective, for their 2 card decks to date. I art directed and managed both of these projects, and I still love the unlimited ideas that come through with everyone's art.
The first deck was an open canvas, unlimited style, colour and typographic treatment. It's amazing to see how everyone's art sits together, although almost all the cards are completely different in style and medium. I landed the Jack of Hearts and the Joker on that set.
Deck two was more refined I think. Limited colour palette (black, white and red) and a uniformed suit and value. Again, we went wild with content, but the cohesiveness of the limited palette makes the deck really feel like a complete set. If that makes sense. I got the King of Diamonds and the 5 of spades on that one. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


HERE is the charity shirt I worked on with Threadless. The tragic flooding here in Australia, and in Brazil, and Sri Lanka, saddened me terribly. Ross Zietz, my friend and art director at Threadless, and I realized that sometimes art can speak louder than words. We contacted Brazilian designer Matheus Lopes Castro and Australian designer Simon Massey Di Vallazza and began collaborating on a flood relief shirt design.
The resulting design is now available for purchase. $9 from the sale of each shirt will go toward flood relief.
Info taken from the Threadless page:
"On working across continents, Ross says he "was worried working on a collab with people in 3 very different time zones might have been a challenge but not with these guys. It was an easy organic process that came together nicely. Big props to each of the guys, and Matheus especially for his amazing linework and melding of everyone's styles.
Simon Massey Di Vallazza lives in Brisbane, an area hit especially hard by the Australian flooding. After seeing the damage firsthand, he's "so grateful to be involved in this great initiative with such talented designers that will not only help Australian flood victims but also those in Brazil and Sri Lanka's devastated regions. A huge thank you to Threadless for making this happen."